Monday, September 10, 2007

Adding Technology to the Mix

In todays Math lesson, we were working on patterns and discovering all the different ways to make them. At the end of the work session, students were invited to share their patterns with the class. By integrating an ELMO machine with projector, students were able to come up to it, place their drawing under the light, and explain to their classmates each of their pattern drawings. The ELMO shows exactly what is under the light. It is excellent for sharing books, drawings, and items that are sometimes hard for the whole class to see. Gone are the days of the overhead projector and welcome ELMO -- my class loves it!!


dayle said...

How exciting is the Elmo?!! Technology here we come! dayle

Debbie Harbour said...

How great to see you using technology for Math. I really enjoy reading your blog and seeing what you are doing in your class!
Mrs. Harbour