Literary Pumpkin Time - Adventures of Little Bird

One of our favorite books this year is "Adventures of Little Bird" by Johnathan Hillstrand the Captain of  the "Time Bandit" (Deadliest Catch). He wrote and illustrated this book about a parrot "Little Bird" who wants to be a pirate; however, everyone he meets discourages his dream. Fortunately, he was bound and determined to be one and his dream finally came true. We decided to make this book into our class pumpkin display for the front lobby for all to enjoy!

Students worked on painting the boat to get it "ship-shape" for our literacy pumpkin display.

Finally all the characters are ready and reporting for duty. It turned out great. Thanks to Captain Jonathan for such a wonderful children's book!


Anonymous said…
It is sooooo awesome!! Looks wonderful. Everyone did a great job!

Angela Phillips said…
Little Bird is just adorable!

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