UNF Field Trip - Nature Trail

We went on our last field trip for the year to the University of North Florida Nature Trail. This preserve is over 500 acres and protects the natural flora and fauna of the area. We were able to spot a snake, turtles, and fish. We walked about 2 miles of the trail which included a hike through a swamp with plenty of cedar trees and a lot cooler temperature. Our guide was very knowledgeable and made the trip very interesting for the children using the book "A Home for Ozzie" to help track landmarks.


Good morning, Mall-ard Kindergarten!

I am Mrs. Deb Kuhr and I work in the Department of Public Relations at the University of North Florida. In fact, I work with Mr. Vernon Payne, the very talented gentleman who illustrated the book "A Home for Ozzie."

I enjoyed reading about your field trip to the UNF preserve. It's an amazing place. Sometimes I have the privilege of seeing wildlife outside my office window: birds (Ospreys, eagles, owls and meadow-larks), turtles and deer. A co-worker once spotted a black bear! And geese, geese and more geese. They live all over the UNF campus. Last Friday, you could see a mother goose and her babies frolicking in the pond's fountain at the front of my building. :)

UNF is a fun place to work, to go to school and to visit. I hope you enjoyed your time here.

Anonymous said…
Awe so cute! Matt had a blast...so did Kenley :-)

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