Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Pattern Books - Planning, Writing, Editing

For the past few weeks, we have been learning and writing about pattern books. Pattern books are books that focuses on a topic and it can tell different things about that topic. It can be fiction or nonfiction. They range from just labeling a picture to writing stories with a common refrain. Today's lesson was about revision. Students were invited to get one of their favorite books from their folder and see what they can add to it and/or fix it up.  The big surprise was that they were allowed to use a red pen to do the additions or deletions. The results were amazing - just see what a little red pen can do to add more to a piece.
This pattern book is about butterflies.  Before the red pen the sentence was "Butterflies have colorful wings."  After the red pen, a sentence was added, "They have two wings."
"Butterflies have babies." "They have two babies." "Butterflies have eyes." "They have two eyes."
"I love butterflies."

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