Thursday, September 10, 2015

Reading in Reader's Workshop

Today students practiced reading privately (with their partners) back to back. Each partner set has time to "read" his/her own books before meeting and reading them together. Children may look closely at pictures, discuss favorite parts, or retell their "star" books. These are books they have heard many times and have no trouble picture reading the stories. They may include "Three Billy Goats Gruff, Caps for Sale, and Where the Wild Things Are. When private reading is over, they just turn, sit side by side, and share a book for partner reading time. This is fast turning into a favorite part of the day.


Anonymous said...

This looks so fun! Kenley has loved everything about school. Thanks so much for your hard work. Love to see what they are doing in class.

Jami Michaud

Anonymous said...

Leland came home that day and told us all about how he sat back to back with Kenley! He was so excited to try something different. He loves partner reading!!

Lauren Morgan