Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Writer of the Week

 Our writing mentor, Lucy Calkins, tells us to treat our writing like gold. How better to treat it like gold than to put the writing in a gold frame? We have now started our "Writer of the Week".  Our featured writer this week is "A" and she wrote "All About Dogs".  She told us all about the different colors a dog can be, their sizes and whiskers. "A" labeled her drawing and told even more about dogs through pages 2 and 3. All this week her writing will be in front of the classroom for all to admire. Our young writer is well on her way to author several more "All About Books".  Congratulations...and keep up the super job!! 

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sorting Objects by Weight

 Our young scientists have been sorting observable properties of objects this week. Today they used the balance to see if an object was heavier, lighter or equal to the object being weighed.  After this "experiment", they jotted their findings in their Science Journals.
It takes lots of thought and decision making to be a scientist.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Literary Pumpkin: The Night of the Veggie Monster

During our Narrative Unit of Study (Lucy Calkins), we used a mentor text called "Night of the Veggie Monster" by George McClements.  The children just love this book and have heard it several times so it proved to be an excellent choice for our Literary Pumpkin.  On Friday, students were invited to paint the pumpkin and three peas that go with the book. Our masterpiece will be on display this week in the school lobby. These are pictures leading up to the completed piece. Thank you to our volunteer moms: Susan, Dawn and Bobbie for all of your help. Stay tuned for "The Night of the Veggie Monster" in pumpkin form...
 Everyone gets to paint a piece of the pumpkin...
We need those dreadful tasting peas painted too!
Thanks moms for all of your help and creating new memories for our first graders!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Writing Celebration: Completing the Unit of Study for Narrative Writing

"Celebrating our Writer's and Their Writing" was the theme of the day.  We have concluded the first writing Unit of Study for Narrative Writing (Small Moments) and it was time to celebrate. Students were greeted with balloons, cookies, juice and brand new pencils. Thank you to our room mom - Mrs. Long for all of the treats.
 Students picked their best piece and polished it up for this special day. The stories were put at their table to share with their table partners.
 Each child came up to the front, stated the title of their book and placed it in the "Small Moments" bin. This bin will now be available for all to look at and read in the classroom.
 Afterwards students enjoyed cookies and juice and talked about how "This is the best day ever..."

It's great to celebrate writing!!