Writer of the Week

 Our writing mentor, Lucy Calkins, tells us to treat our writing like gold. How better to treat it like gold than to put the writing in a gold frame? We have now started our "Writer of the Week".  Our featured writer this week is "A" and she wrote "All About Dogs".  She told us all about the different colors a dog can be, their sizes and whiskers. "A" labeled her drawing and told even more about dogs through pages 2 and 3. All this week her writing will be in front of the classroom for all to admire. Our young writer is well on her way to author several more "All About Books".  Congratulations...and keep up the super job!! 


Christa said…
What a wonderful motivational tool! Piper has been telling me all about "writer of the week", and she's hoping she'll get that honor one day. She's excited to write - love that!
Anonymous said…
What an honor to be Writer of the Week. Hopefully this will inspire future writers and artists. Writing is great for the imagination and also to tell your story.

Write your story.

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