Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Firefighters Visit

We had a surprise visit from a very special firefighter this week who just happens to have his daughter in our class. Piper's dad surprised us with two of his firemen friends and taught the class about fire safety.  They brought the fire truck and the students had the opportunity to see it up close and walk through the front of the truck. It was a great experience for children to learn about this first hand.  Thank you Robert and fellow firefighters for your visit.
Walking through the huge fire engine truck.
Dressing in fire gear for children to see what they may look like so they won't be afraid if they are ever in a fire.


Christa said...

These pictures are great! Looks like such a fun visit :) Piper is so proud of her Daddy :) Thank you for letting him & his fellow firefighters visit on such short notice.

Wendy said...

What a big surprise for kids! Andrew was so excited about their visit. Thank you Piper's dad and your friends. You are so cool!