Closely Looking at Eric Carle - Author Study

 The Eric Carle Author Study is one that all Kindergarten students and teachers enjoy. We took it a step further this year and started to look at Eric Carle and his literature a bit deeper in our close reading. By using different "lenses", students were able to focus in on the characters, settings, vocabulary, patterns or recurring objects. It was amazing to see how the quickly the children understood this concept and were able to share with the class what "lens" they used. For instance, for "Does a Kangaroo Have a Mother Too?" one student used her "pattern" lens and was able to recognize the question/answer pattern and said how it helped her understand the book and  how Eric Carle likes to write. 
From "Does A Kangaroo Have a  Mother Too? students noted that Eric Carle must like animals.

"Do You Want to be my Friend?" we looked for evidence in the text to decide where this story takes place.
Bringing the stories back to Eric Carle himself, students noted that he must like cats a lot.


Christa said…
What a great way to get the kids to really understand Eric Carle & his stories. Love the "lenses"!
Lourdes said…
There's evidence if learning in this classroom! I want to try on a pair on lens!

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