Sunday, March 10, 2013

First Grade "Sleepover" Fun

Sleepover 2013 on PhotoPeach
For the past few weeks, we have been preparing for the First Grade Sleepover.  It's not an overnight sleepover, but just as much fun.  The theme centered around our Solar System. Students learned about the Sun, Moon, and planets. We had a dinner and movie night with a huge telescope outside focused on Jupiter. Children and their parents made a planet pillow or teddy bear for homework. We also read books about sleepovers such as the classic "Ira Sleeps Over" by Bernard Waber. On Friday, we had a pajama parade and dance party, Art, Music and P.E. centers "revolving" around our space theme.  It was a truly a memorable day for our first grade students.


Mrs.D said...

Naomi has had more fun at Chets Creek these past 3 months than she's ever had at her previous school. Thank you, Mrs. Mallon and Mrs. Dillard, for making her transition an easy and exciting one!

Christa said...

What a fun day! I just loved all of the wonderful, fun, and educational activities you all came up with for the children. Cracking up at that picture from the P.E. room. "Best day ever", said Bryn. :)