Don't Forget About Books!

This is a great video that just had to be shared. "It's a Book" was written by Lane Smith. In this digital age of laptops, iPads, Nooks, and other technology, it's just great to sit back and read a book. During the holidays, remember to read to your child and add a few books under the tree. They don't need batteries!!


Anonymous said…
Loved this little clip!! I was observing Callie when she read last night.....taking such care to imitate her teachers as she turns the page, her presentation as she holds the book and puts effort into showing me the pictures because she's learned the value of images, explaining to me why it's important to take care of a book jacket to prolong the life of the These and so many more little lessons that probably would be glossed right over with a nook/kindle. Although technology is fantastic, there's nothing like the feel/smell/enjoyment gained from just reading a plain, old book!! -Casey Stephens
Lourdes said…
That was HYSTERICAL, and sadly true! I love gifting books, and I usually add an inscription. Years from now when our children are parents, they can say, "That was your grandmother's handwriting." Books are gifts that keep on giving for generations.

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