End of the Year with Our Dads "Dads & Dogs"

At the end of first grade, we have a celebration called "Dads & Dogs". Our dads are invited into the classroom for a slide show and song and then we have a BBQ lunch with hot dogs (not family dogs)! It is a real treat for the dads to come in an be the focus of our celebration. They are the unsung heroes of our student's learning success and it is our pleasure to give them the attention they deserve. The children made up their own acrostic poem using the letters FATHER to think of words that represent what their father means to them. After the slide show, we went over to the Wilkenings (who live next door to the school) and had a BBQ hot dogs with all the trimmings supplied by the moms. It was a great day for some wonderful dads, uncles, grandpas and other family reps that made this so memorable for their kids!
Thanks to Romy, Chip, Melanie and all who have helped us make "Dads and Dogs" a special day.


Anonymous said…
Joe had a great time at Dads & Dogs and was glad he went. He also said the slideshow was awesome and must have taken a lot of work. Thank you Melanie for the slideshow and to every one who helped with this fun event. We love the Mallard traditions and will miss them in second grade!
-Leanne P.
Thank you for providing such a fun time for the dads to share with their kids. It is a lasting memory. You guys are the best!

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