Thursday, March 25, 2010

Homework King and Queen

In an effort to get children over the hump of not wanting to do homework,we came up with the Homework King and Queen of the Week. Being chosen is taken very seriously and is considered a very high honor in our class. Children have been speechless when their names were announced. They have the opportunity to tell the class what their "secret" was in getting their homework picked. This tradition started months ago and each week the students wait with great anticipation for the drum roll and the announcement. Homework has to be done neatly and in its entirety. Miss Karen, our paraprofessional, carefully scrutinizes each sheet and then determines the winners. The children receive a crown and get to choose out of both the treasure box and the treat box! Wow - it gets no better than this!!

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Lourdes said...

Andrew loved being homework "king." It still motivates him to do his "royal" best. Great way to encourage kids!