Sunday, January 17, 2010

Martin Luther King Remembered

Our read alouds this week included several books about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. A classroom favorite was "Happy Birthday, Martin Luther King" by Jean Marzollo. Children heard the story of how he loved playing sports when he was young, especially baseball and basketball with his friends in the neighborhood. But when it was time to start school, Martin was very sad when he had to go to a different school than his friends. Martin's father was a preacher and he loved the big words his father used in church. He wanted to learn those words and be a preacher one day too. The students learned that MLK was a very smart child. Did you know he started college at fifteen years old? After he graduated, Martin not only preached to love your neighbor in church, but preached peace and justice for all people. As a birthday tribute, the children created pictures of Dr. King and now know a little about the man who had a dream many years ago.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad Joey knows why he has the day off today. He corrected me this morning reminding me that MKK's birthday is not today - it was actually Friday. He's enjoyed learning about MLK.
-Karen Morris

Melanie Holtsman said...

My son has told me several times about what he learned about Martin Luther King, JR. Thank you for making this holiday meaningful to our little ones!