Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Honky Tonk Is Open For Business

The first two days of Kindergarten have gone by in a flash. The change in the children from day one to day two has been amazing. Today they took their folders out of their backpacks and placed them in the bin, put their belongings in their cubbies, and went to their seats to do their morning work. Today it was name practice. We practiced how to come to the floor, how to line up and how to walk in line. All of these "mini-lessons" help the children learn the rituals and routines of the classroom. Today we started skills block with an ABC song and Humpty Dumpty Nursery Rhyme song and dance. Then we read, "David Goes to School" by David Shannon. This was the lead in to our next lesson about rules and why they are important. Students had valuable input as to what our rules chart or what we call our "Class Promise" should include: being nice to each other, sharing, and no hitting. The class then decorated a face cut out which represents themselves. This will be placed around our new class promise which we will show you tomorrow. Today we had our first fire drill. The children were prepared because we practiced yesterday (the first day of school.) They did an excellent job! In the afternoon, we celebrated a birthday, played outside, read some books, and the students had some time for free play (which is so important in kindergarten). This is where they learn to share, communicate, and make friends with each other. The Honky Tonkin' Kindergarten is just getting started and we can't wait for each new day!


Anonymous said...

Bennett loves being in class and enjoys re-telling the stories he heard. What fun!

The Griffin Family

Anonymous said...

We are lucky to have this peek into your classroom! Thank you for taking the time to post an update on your blog! What a fun second day!
-Joey's mom (Karen)

Anonymous said...

What awesome first couple of days you all have had!! Way to go! Can't wait to get home and share this with Michael. - Michael's Mom

Anonymous said...

It's been so reassuring to see and hear Andrew's excitement each day he comes home. He's having a great time. Looking forward to a wonderful year and the excuse to yell "Yeeehaaaw".

- The Smith Family

Anonymous said...

We love this communication tool! It brings the classroom to us. We draw information from it that guides us in the questions we ask and the conversations we have with Andrew. He loved seeing himself in the slide show and pointing out all his friends to us. We've 'saddled up'- we can tell it's going to be the ride of our lives!
The Smith Family

Melanie Holtsman said...

Chase and Lexie love their new class and new teachers. Thanks for making their first days special!