Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sleepover Preparation - Don't Forget Your Bear!

On Friday, January 30th, First Grade students will be creating wonderful memories with our traditional "sleepover" unit. The sleepover is a daytime event in which first grade students get to wear their pajamas to school, eat breakfast with their friends, and enjoy many fun activities throughout the day. (More about that in future posts.) From now until January 29th, we will be reading many sleepover books including "Ira Sleeps Over," "Franklin Has a Sleepover," "Camping Out," and "Bearsie Bear and the Surprise Sleepover." In Reader's Workshop, we are using sleepover books in order to practice asking and answering comprehension questions such as, "What was the problem in this story?" or "What genre is this book?" Also, we are preparing a Reader's Theater play using the book Bearsie Bear. In Writer's Workshop, students are writing narratives of past sleepovers at friends and grandma's house. In addition, functional writing or "How To" pieces can be written on "How to get ready for a sleepover." In a few weeks, we will also have a family night at school, where students and their parents can come and decorate a keepsake pillowcase for this special occasion. For homework, a family project of making their own homemade bear was given. A sample bear pattern was sent home and students have the opportunity to make a bear, choosing their favorite theme and fabric. Some of the past year's creations are shown in the above picture. First grade students love this sleepover tradition and remember it for years to come. So, this is one sleepover where you don't need your toothbrush, but don't forget your bear!

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Anonymous said...

Megan is so excited. She was adorable picking out everything for her bear...all on her own. She first wanted the Cheetah Mrs. Mallon bear, but then came up with her own personal idea. It was so fun to watch her being so creative. We are really excited...this is one of my favorites!
I like the toothbrush comment :)
~Julie W.