Monday, March 3, 2008

The Very Busy Spider Meets Kindergarteners

These "Very Busy Kindergarteners" were weaving an elaborate web as the story of "The Very Busy Spider" was read to them a second time. Students had the chance to partake in this very busy spider weaving his web to capture that pesky fly! This simple yarn activity was a wonderful way to bring the story to life as a retelling. By doing this, the children had the chance to hear the story again, work on the web, and most of all - have a lot of fun!
We are staying very busy learning about Eric Carle and his books. We are looking for writing patterns, text-to-self and text-to-text connections, and finding similarities with his other books. Today students noticed that Eric Carle paints the sun and moon in most of his books. They noticed certain animals repeated in some of his books. And they wondered why Eric Carle loves animals and insects so much. All of these wonderings and noticings lead to a deeper level of conversation and a deeper understanding of our author's works. We plan on staying busy for a few more weeks and find out a lot more about Eric Carle and his wonderful cast of characters!!

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