Sunday, December 9, 2007

We Can't Forget Our 4-Legged Friends

Every year our "pet" project is to give needed items to our local Humane Society. We learned that at any one time, the shelter has over 400 animals including pigs, birds, goats, and hamsters. During this month, we learned about the care of dogs and cats and how important it is to feed, walk, and keep them healthy. For two weeks we have been collecting bowls, toys, blankets, bleach, and towels. They don't need food because Purina donates all they need. Each morning, the students share what they have brought in and add it to our collection. We know there are a lot of good causes to give to around this time of year...but our classes' favorite is this one...the one that takes care of all the animals that are homeless.

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Teach to Learn said...

What a wonderful thing Mrs.Mallon!